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* (Jazz, Bossa, Pop, Ethno-rhythmic)
Cantante, escritora y actriz nacida en Acapulco ( México), que luego se radica en Dallas, Texas (USA) -

Con una base rítmica pura, fresca y contagiosa, Margo Reymundo nos deleita con su reciente lanzamiento discográfico: My Heart’s Desire (Deseo de mi corazón). Al escuchar este CD, nos sentimos reconfortados de encontrar una deliciosa cantante, que transmite toda su pasión y alegría de vivir en sus interpretaciones.
Este nuevo Álbum de “trabajo y amor” -como ella así lo define- , nos ofrece una gama de ritmos, estilos y vocalizaciones muy sensuales. Su cautivante voz tiene reminiscencias de Ella Fitzgerald y Sarah Vaughan. My Heart’s Desire contiene una serie de canciones muy homogéneas, donde la fuerza y calidez de la voz de Margo, se fusiona con el resto de la orquestación, como un instrumento musical más.

Músicos que participaron en la grabación de My Heart’s Desire:

• Vocales: Margo Reymundo
• Guitarras: A. Synowiec
• Piano & Wurlitzer; F. Kron
• Bass: E. Sittner
• Drums: J. Branly
• Percusión: B. Brock , C. Wabich and R. G. Garcia

Margo Reymundo’s recent cd release, “My Heart’s Desire,” is an elegant reminder why the human voice is referred to as an “instrument.” She’s created nothing less than a ferociously nuanced and passionate sound that defies nomenclature. Ms. Reymundo, cognizant of that inevitable realization, refers to it as “Organica” — a kind of counterpoise to “Electronica.” In other words, she’s articulating a world constructed of unfettered vocals that rivals anything created with synthesized sound. The cd's title track, "My Heart's Desire," is impossible to listen to without smiling. The opening seven seconds of sexy giggling subsequently opens up into aural field of ethno-rhythmic songs, rooted in Jazz and Pop that travel some serious territory. This album of “Work and Love” as Reymundo calls it, offers a range of sensuous rhythms and vocals in the form of intelligently handled songs featuring Margo’s original compositions and three covers. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to turn out the lights and drift. As in: forever – past time zones and continents. If there are any references that sneak into one’s consciousness, it’s clearly Ella and Sarah. Reymundo’s voice is clipped and mesmerizing and absolutely infectious. Her dreamy and whimsical songs, “Picture This,” “Between Us” and “The Way Back” transport the listener miles away from reality. However you’ll soon find yourself in slightly ravaged, not to mention torrid terrain. Reymundo’s “I Saw You” and “Couldn’t Be More Wrong” leave listeners nicely seared on the backside. While Margo exhibits terrific deftness with her own songs, she also knocks out a heart-stopping rendition of the classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine” as well as a new Euro-Rhumba twist to Carly and Michael’s “You Belong To Me.” This bilingual version from the Mexican-born singer is abundant with international appeal. And how amazing that it ends with a bookend of sorts to the initial giggling with a whispered, “Thank you.” There is no vocabulary or previous vector for “My Heart’s Desire.” Margo has charted a new course. And my advice would be simply to settle in and enjoy the voyage.


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